The New Haven Meatball House

Despite its name New Haven Meatball House (or as we affectionately call it Meatballz Haus) has much more to offer than just meatballs. So, if your first reaction was “I don’t like meatballs, they’re just hamburgers that roll off the table and unto the floor” (please please tell me you all get that song reference and if you didn’t then you probably didn’t have a childhood), keep reading because you’ve got a lot to learn.

First, the meatballs are to die for. They come in all flavors- there’s chicken, beef, pork, and vegetable, and have different sauce options as well- traditional tomato, spinach pesto, mushroom, and creamy parmesan. As if this weren’t already enough options to leave you speechless and starving, you can also have the meatballs in different ways. You can get a slider with a brioche and one or two meatballs, meatballs over different types of pasta, and if you’re in the mood to be healthy you can get it over a salad. As I said before though, even if you’re not a meatball lover there’s something here for you. The sides at the Meatballz Haus are almost as important as the meatballz themselves. You can get anything from edamame and kale (for the health conscious) to some unreaaaal mac n’ cheese (if you’re a foodie and don’t care about the health status, like us).

Now to the important part: what to order.

Beef Meatballz:

Personally, I think that the beef meatballs are the way to go. They might seem a little boring but there’s so much you can do with them that they don’t have to be. I prefer to do the beef meatballs over spaghetti or just on their own with the mushroom sauce or traditional tomato. However, if you do get mushroom sauce I recommend getting extra sauce because sometimes there’s a lotta mushroom to a lil’ sauce.

Chicken Meatballz:

I don’t like chicken (sorry everyone, I’m probably the only person in the world who thinks that chicken sucks… but it does) so the chicken meatballs were not even an option for me. But I’ve heard they’re pretty good from some very trustworthy sources. Their only complain was that they’re a little dry, so again I’d ask for some extra sauce. People love the pesto and the traditional tomato with this so if you’re gonna experiment with a chicken meatball I suggest those two options.

Mac N’ Cheese:

UNREAL. Dare I say, a potential rival to the infamous Berekely Mac N’ Cheese?!! All I can say is GET IT.


A different take on the typical steamed edamame with salt that one typically enjoys. This edamame is coated with a sweet but slightly spicy sauce that gives it an incredible flavor—definitely a side to get, especially if you don’t like meatballz.


Daily Market Salad—check it out. It’s constantly changing, so in the same vein of the edamame, if you’re not a meatballz fan there’s still a reason to go.


GIANT ice cream sandwiches made with Ashey’s ice cream. Nuff said.

Price Point:

Owned by the same man as Prime 16, Meatballz Haus is just as good but even a little bit cheaper. Each meal is about $10-$15 and there are great lunch and happy hour specials.


They don’t take reservations and they can be a little slow so don’t go if you’re in a rush. That said, the food is great and they don’t mind rowdy groups.

Brioche Meatball Sliders with Spinach Pesto and Traditional Tomato Sauce
$3 Each

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