168 York Street Café

According to Google, 168 York Street is the place to go for brunch in New Haven. I’m still not convinced of its #1 status, but it was definitely worth a trip.

The menu is simple yet varied. A small chalkboard shows the day’s offerings. All entrees are $11 and include home fries and toast. I had the eggs benedict and they were fantastic. The hollandaise sauce wasn’t too yolk-y nor too plentiful- nobody likes hollandaise sauce soup. The home fries were salty, not greasy, and deliciously seasoned. I could have gone for a few more of them, but I’ll admit the portion size was fair. The toast was kind of a bummer- dry, boring, just not great. One thing that surprised me about their menu was that their pancakes are frozen and store-bought. I’m glad I asked about them before I ordered, or I would have been pretty annoyed upon receiving my microwaved supermarket pancakes. My friend ordered scrambled eggs with bacon, a surprisingly simple offering for $11. Yes, there was a giant lump of eggs on her plate, but it was a little too basic for my taste. What I think brings 168 York Street to #1 popularity is the $12 pitcher of mimosa. Nothing says happy Sunday like a 60 ounces of orange bubbly.  

Quick take: one-price-fits-all, mimosas, sassy waiters

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