Basil (Round 1)

After a long day of tailgating, napping, and watching movies, my sister and I knew what kind of food we would need for dinner to rev us up for further festivities. We needed warm comfort food, and as my sister saw by the menu on my desk I had picked up the other day, I had Basil on my mind.

I’ve never been to Basil, but the girls on my team have been raving about their authentic Asian dishes – they have an enormous menu with everything from Malaysian curry chicken to Indonesian stir fried egg noodles to steamed BBQ pork buns (I honestly don’t even have a mental picture for that one). And if your post-tailgate headache isn’t allowing you to come up with mental pictures for the more exotic menu items either, have no fear. There are fried rice, stir fried noodles, noodle soup, and any combination/variation of the three, plus beef, pork, veggie, chicken, and fish add-ins. There are also dishes like fried tofu, seaweed salad, and chicken satay if you’re not about the carbs.

My sister and I ordered steamed veggie dumplings, a chicken lo mein, and a chicken chow fun. I know, creativity runs in the family… The veggie dumplings were a little disappointing because they were so thick, but I noticed that the people next to us ordered pan-fried veggie dumplings that looked much more appetizing and not too fried, so I’d get those next time instead. Both noodle dishes were awesome and we finished everything on our plates. I was impressed by how non-greasy the noodles were. The chicken was also better than I expected, but nothing too special. Overall, Basil served its purpose. We got our comfort-food fix and the food was quick to come out, cheap, and tasty. If you’re deciding between Thai Taste and Basil, I’d do Thai Taste for the entrees like the wok bowls, but Basil for a lighter noodle dish.

After we left, my sister realized she forgot her coat. When we turned around to walk back to Basil, we saw our waitress was already standing outside the restaurant in the cold, waving the coat at us from across the street. SO NICE. Seriously considered inviting her to come to froyo with us for dessert.

Also, side note: there is more Basil to come. MUCH more. I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not an expert-orderer of Chinese food, as much as I wish I was. Not to worry though, my teammate’s mom is a foodie and Basil fiend and recently emailed me all of her delicious-sounding recommendations. So we will be back again, next time around is the exotic part of the menu– pork buns, whatever you are, I’m coming for ya!!!

chow fun = the best type of post-tailgate fun

veggie tales

she just couldn’t wait to dive in there, i aint even mad

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