It’s finally restaurant week! On this slightly stressful, rainy day and with my hour and a half lunch break, I decided to get (more) comfort food at Caseus. At this point, it would probably be cheaper to get comforted by a friend/movie/music/therapist? than by cheese and carbs, but, as I say, when life gives you lemons, squeeze them over your food and start eating.

Caseus is the mother ship of the Caseus Cheese Truck, and at the tiny, understated, but extremely popular restaurant near TD/Science Hill, the grilled cheeses are literally six times the size of the cheese truck ones. In fact, the only other time I have been to Caseus is when my friends and I all ordered the famed enormous grilled cheeses. They were rich and delicious, but we literally had split up and go back to our rooms afterwards to lie down and recover. When I walked into Caseus this time, there were no tables for two left because everyone had reservations—it was only 11:30, seriously people? But we got to sit at the bar which was still fun.

After all my fuss about restaurant week, I not only didn’t make a reservation this time around, but I also didn’t end up ordering off the restaurant week menu. The Caseus lunch menu just didn’t really appeal to me or my boyfriend, Brian. I ordered a red pepper soup (the vegetable soup of the day) and the tart of the day, which was zucchini and a thick, sharp, gouda-like cheese. Brian got mac and cheese with house cured bacon lardons (mmm lardons…) and then a sandwich special, which was a fried monkfish sandwich. The soup was one of the best parts of both of our meals—it was made of onions, tomatoes, peppers, and a little cheese, and it was smoky, salty, light. Definitely solid comfort food for a rainy day. The mac and cheese was honestly a little too cheesy for both of us… after a couple of minutes of us eating it, we realized we were left with lots o’ cheese and very little pasta. We ended up asking for some bread (which came grilled, amazing) to dip into the cheese as if it was fondue, so resourceful. The bacon lardons were like small chunks of bacon that kind of confused me and had me wishing for chopped bacon instead. However, they added juicy flavor to the somewhat bland (dare I say it?) mac and cheese so I would still recommend paying the two dollars extra to have bacon added. You can also add hot dog pieces (+$5) or spicy crawfish and chilis (+$5).

Then came the tart and the monkfish sandwich. The tart was essentially a small, personal quiche, but was heavier than I had hoped it would be. The crust was buttery and thick, so after just a few bites of the dense cheese and the crust, I already felt pretty full. Brian’s sandwich was much better, while still heavy and filling. It tasted like the fish they serve when you order fish and chips, plus flavorful mustard and a soft, fresh bun around it. It was a really delicious sandwich.

I remember that my parents were the first ones who told me about Caseus because they had been for lunch once on a visit to Yale. My mom, the senior foodie of the family, actually told me she didn’t like Caseus because the food was all so heavy. I thought back to that comment the first trip I took to Caseus when I had my grilled cheese (and then had to spend all day in a food coma) and I thought of it again when I went back to try some other menu items– except for my soup. So if you want a delicious, comforting meal, and if you’re not lactose intolerant (this one’s important), be sure to try Caseus at least once. But as for me, food coma number 2 is looming after my lunch today, so I think I’m going to wait a while before trying Caseus again.

Also, service was pretty reasonable and waitress was very helpful. Prices for each lunch were about $15-$20.

mac attack

another angle, bacon lardons in full view

the tart, already cut into (sorrry)

monkfish sandwich

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