Sababa is an incredible falafel restaurant located at 21 Whitney Avenue. If you non-TD Yalies don’t know where Whitney Avenue is, it’s the block past TD. However, this restaurant has so much more than just falafel, making it worth the trek. Boasting a large menu that includes falafel, pita, and shawarma, a large array of toppings, as well as turkey, chicken or beef this restaurant brings cheap and satisfying meals to anyone.

One of the best parts about Sababa is the chipotle-esque way that the food is organized, allowing each customer to pick and choose what add-ins they want.

Available Toppings, Salads, and Sauces

Available Toppings, Salads, and Sauces

Lauren had the classic falafel on a whole wheat pita with peppers, lettuce, corn, beans, and tzatziki sauce. Unfortunately, the falafel wasn’t hot, but it was surprisingly tasty and light for a fried dish.

Classic Falafel on a Whole Wheat Pita with Various Toppings

Classic Falafel on a Whole Wheat Pita

Carolina and I both ordered shawarma; Carolina got the chicken and I opted for the  BLT (beef, lamb, and turkey). Despite the low-key atmosphere and fast food-like organization of the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised by how good the meat was.

I’m a total carnivore who eats so much red meat that my father has already warned me about high blood pressure. When I’m at school I seriously crave good meat that’s not poultry, (sorry dining halls but your protein speciality seems to be grilled chicken) so I was thrilled to find a restaurant within walking distance that served quality meat at an incredibly reasonable price.

Chicken used in the Shawarma

Chicken used in the Shawarma

Overall: Sababa might seem like a long walk for traditional Yalies who rarely venture past Prospect street but it is definitely worth it. The restaurant offers a filling, quick, and delicious meal for around $5 to $7 per person. Our only suggestion is that you make sure it’s a completely platonic outing… the sauce and finger food combination does not make for a pretty sight. 

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