Yolande’s Bistro and Creperie

We’re sad to report that Yolande’s closed in August 2013. 

When Carolina received an email about a LivingSocial deal for Yolande’s Creperie and Bistro in New Haven, we were a little surprised that we hadn’t heard of the restaurant. We arranged a Chew Haven lunch date ASAP so we could use our coupon and cross the creperie off our to-do list. It was delicious– 7 dishes later, 3 very happy girls left Yolande’s  wishing they lived closer to Orange Street.

Sharing a block with Skappo, Orangeside Luncheonette, and Bentaro (all popular downtown spots we will be blogging about soon), Yolande’s has taken the place of an old steakhouse whose sign is still up, so beware when you’re trying to find it. The restaurant is huge but still cozy, with vintage French posters, ornate mirrors on the walls, and cute checkered cloth napkins. It’s like a steakhouse-meets-picnic-table-in-Paris feel, and it works.

the bar

the bar

so vintage

so vintage

le menu

le menu and le napkin

We started with the onion soup as recommended by Yelpers, and a Quiche Raysanne (spinache and gruyere). We all loved the thick cheese in the soup, but it wasn’t quite hot enough for how cold we were. Something in the broth at the bottom tasted mildly of alcohol, so I recommend it if you don’t think you’d mind that taste. The quiche was AMAZING. One of the best things we ordered—Yolande’s successfully makes a usually heavy dish light and fluffy. The crust was buttery and just the right thickness. Although this is a relatively common dish, I would go back to Yolande’s just for their quiche.

say cheese

lactose amirite

she's a beauty

she’s a beauty

After these “appetizers” (it was lunch. we were hungry. don’t judge), we had three crepes: the croque madame, champignon des bios, and brie. The first was a cheese and ham crepe topped with a poached egg. For the champignon crepe, we substituted the goat cheese for brie, which we personally preferred to go along with the mushroom ragout and poached egg. The brie crepe came with apples and arugula, and we opted out of the dried cherries. All of Yolande’s crepes are GLUTEN FREE, made of buckwheat and oat flours.

The winner was by far the croque madame, which we devoured in minutes—the cheese inside was accompanied by some cream sauce and there was just enough ham. The poached egg lacked flavor, so we recommend you go with a fried egg or save a dollar and skip it altogether  The mushrooms in the champignon crepe were flavorful and made it thick and filling. The brie crepe contained sliced apples and brie topped with arugula, and I think skipping the dried cherries might have been a mistake. We needed something sweet in addition to the apples to complement the bitterness of the arugula and mildness of brie. I’m more of a melted-cheese type of girl when it comes to crepes, so next time I am going to try something different.

going ham on the croque

going ham on the croque


shroomz everywhere

now that's a classy crepe

now that’s a classy crepe

We ordered the chocolat noir crepe with strawberries with whipped cream on top. It was SO GOOD. The whipped cream didn’t seem to be home-made, but the crepe was so warm and soft and the sauce was delicious– even Carolina who doesn’t love dark chocolate was a big fan. During our meal, we met Yolande herself! We started chatting about the blog, and after we ordered our dessert, she brought us her specialty: the lemon crepe—on the house! *blog perks* We wouldn’t have thought to order it, but it was AMAZING! Tangy and sweet all at once, while not too heavy… it was heavenly.

ooooh heaven is a place on earth

ooooh heaven is a place on earth

thanks yolande!!!

lemon crepe courtesy of yolande herself! we ❤ her

Overall: Yolande’s is a MUST TRY. They have only been open for a few months, but it is a great brunch spot, dessert spot (head here after dinner at Skappo!), dinner spot on a special occasion, and party spot in their beautiful cellar dining room. You can get a complete lunch for about $15 and dinner for $30. If you feel like you need to get out of the New Haven bubble and be transported to Paris for a little (don’t we all sometimes?) you know where to go. And after our delicious feast, we hope you have a better idea of what to order. Tell Yolande we say hi!

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