There’s a fundamental paradox when you’re writing a food blog. Whenever I discover a new restaurant and dish that I love, I just want to go back and get it again. And again. And again. But that would make for a pretty boring blog. My friend came back from dinner at Rudy’s one weekend and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the fries were. Her meal sounded great, but I had just been to Yolande’s the day before and was craving more crepes and quiche.

Being the dedicated foodie that I am, I set out to try the so-called “best fries ever”. I got there around 6 and it wasn’t very crowded, but by the time we left it was buzzing with hungry people; the atmosphere was lively and surprisingly busy for a snowy Tuesday night. The service was great, and the food was even better.


If you’re in the mood for a burger, look no further. The brioche roll was fresh and didn’t get soggy, and the thick burger was cooked to perfection (I’m a medium kinda girl). Lettuce, tomato, and onions made for a simple yet delicious classic. It came with fries (which I got as truffle fries…more on those later).

Burger and truffle fries

Classic cheeseburger

Marinated grilled chicken sandwich

My friend ordered the chicken sandwich, which also came with fries and dipping sauce (garlic aioli). Unlike Lauren, I don’t opt for chicken when I go out, but Rudy’s changed my mind. I’m pretty sure my friend got annoyed at me for saying “this is so good” over and over again. Sorry Kim ❤ The chicken was juicy and deliciously marinated, and came on grilled sourdough bread with melty cheese, rosemary mayo (delish), lettuce, tomato, onions, and avocado. I wouldn’t change it for the world. The portions were biiig, so while two entrees cost us $12 and $14 (truffle fries were +$2, but so worth it), it was more than enough food for two hungry girls.

Chicken Sandwich

Marinated Chicken Sandwich

Belgian Fries

Finally, the fries. As of today, they’re easily the best fries I’ve had in the Have. They’re crispy, soft on the inside, and come with dipping sauce that you pick from a menu of 17 flavors, making you reconsider your loyalty to Heinz.

true luv

true luv


Naturally, this prompted a few more trips to Rudy’s to try other dishes before we could make a final verdict. We went back for brunch and dinner; here’s what we thought.


Caramelized apple bruschetta

LOVED this. Three thick slices of baguette topped with a generous portion of warm, tender caramelized apples. Walnuts and red onions were interspersed, with big pieces of soft goat cheese on top. That brown stuff was a balsamic reduction, that was sweet, tangy and was the perfect finishing touch. The only problem about this appetizer was that it was a hard to eat without making a mess.

Caramelized apple bruschetta

Caramelized apple bruschetta

Mushroom flatbread

This dish is perfect for sharing with a group. It was topped with goat cheese and mozzarella, as well as mushrooms, red onions, and a slightly sweet reduction of sorts. We loved the chewy dough and copious amounts of cheese, though it’s definitely not something I’d get as a main course, as you get tired of it after a while. Also, more mushrooms plz.

mmmm mushroom flatbread

mmmm mushroom flatbread


Grilled chicken sandwich and truffle fries… Again

So I ordered the same thing twice. But that’s only because it was so delicious, so you can tell I’m actually infatuated with this one. We got garlic aioli sauce and pesto mayo for the fries, which were both amazing. The garlic aioli is stronger, and definitely the best if you like garlic-y things.


I’m addicted to you


We’d heard great things about the brunch at Rudy’s, so we set out to try that as well. We shared a bunch of plates and loved them all, though the french toast and croque madame seemed to be the clear winners in the end.

Caramelized Egg Nog French Toast

This came with three thick pieces of challah bread topped with spiced walnuts and delectable Chantilly cream. The bread was soft, fluffy, and full of sweet spices from the walnuts and egg nog batter. The cream was so good that you really didn’t need maple syrup (which wasn’t real maple syrup, sadly).

challah at me

challah at me

Silver Dollar Pancakes

I’m pretty sure silver dollar pancakes are supposed to be small, about the size of your palm. This came with three large pancakes with fresh strawberries and blueberries on top. The cakes were crispy on the edges and soft on the inside, though not very fluffy. Still good, but I’d prefer the french toast any day.

(not so) silver dollar pancakes with berriez

(not so) silver dollar pancakes with berries


The other big winner of the bunch, this crispy, fluffy croissant came with grilled ham, swiss cheese, and fluffy eggs, which we think was a plain omelette. It had was béchamel sauce (a milk/flour/butter mixture) to top it off, and homefries on the side. The fries were the softer kind, not crispy on the edges like some are, and was strongly seasoned and paprika-y. The french fries were obviously better, with the amazing sauces that you can always choose from, but these were perfect for breakfast.



Eggs Benedict

I loved this because it wasn’t overflowing with hollandaise sauce, and it was quite light for eggs benedict. The samurai sauce that came with the fries was a spicy chili pepper/mayo sauce, which I loved because it wasn’t too spicy (I’m a baby when it comes to that) and had a perfect kick.

eggs benedict with fries and samurai sauce

eggs benedict with fries and samurai sauce

Bianco Omelette

This came with mushroom, caramelized onion, and goat cheese. It was very fluffy, light, and had more egg than fillings. Lauren loved it, but Annie and I didn’t like it as much since we prefer a higher topping-to-egg ratio. We opted for fries with Brown Ale BBQ sauce, which was well-received by all.

Bianco omelette

Bianco omelette

Applewood Omelette

We got this omelette with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and peppers and onions (instead of broccoli, as it comes on the menu), as well as fries with garlic aioli sauce.  It could have used a little more cheese, but the bacon was “real good”, according to Lauren. Since it looked exactly like the other omelette, we opened it up to see what’s inside. Here’s a good look:

"real good bacon"

“real good bacon”

Overall: Rudy’s kills it all day long. From brunch, lunch, and dinner, to a late-night bar scene, there’s something for everyone. Come for the food, come for the bar, come for both. You won’t be disappointed.

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