Chocolat Maya

Chocolat Maya may have taken Chocopologie’s spot on High St., but it’s no copycat. This wine-bar meets dessert shop meets study spot just opened today, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Chocolat Maya’s very lovely owner Robert also runs Little Salad Shop and S’Wings, so when I started to explain how well a wine bar would go over with all of the students who live in apartments and fraternities on High St., he didn’t bat an eye. He’s done his research. Robert also explained that students picking up salads can come next door to Chocolat Maya for the lounge-style seating, which we could see being a new hotspot for studying (wine optional).

The menu consists of Maison Mathis-esque tartines, both “boozy” and regular coffee, hot chocolates (we tried their spicy hot chocolate – thick and amazing), and cheese and charcuterie. They have a pretty extensive wine and beer selection, and their specialty cocktails range from a salted caramel martini to an absinthe drip.

Most importantly, their displayed truffles, chocolate turtles, and chocolate-covered espresso beans, which we loved, are practically begging to be tasted. Just reading their dessert menu makes us salivate, and not because one is called the hot blonde. Choose  a lava cake, cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate cake, or the mecca: quattro cioccolati – brownie, callebaut chocolate, chocolate mousse, and chocolate glaze. Say chocolate one more time. Chocolate.

We didn’t have time to order any of these babies but the minute we turn in our last finals on Tuesday, we are running back to Chocolat Maya for a feast. We don’t care  if New Haven is empty by then – just means more Chocolat(e) for us.



so many truffles so little time

so many truffles so little time

all so pretty

date spot central


excited cause he got to see chew haven in action

very excited to see chew haven in action



it's study time

welcome to High St.

menu page 1

menu page 1

menu page 2

menu page 2

menu page 3

menu page 3

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