Welcome Back 2014

It’s hard to believe that Chew Haven is back for our fourth and final year of school. The three of us have finally moved in, turned 21, and are ready to chew our way through the New Haven food scene one last time. We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us with plenty of new posts that we can’t wait to share, but before we get there you should know what’s changed while you were gone for the summer.


First, the bad news:

This June, both the Educated Burgher and A1 Pizza closed. We’ll miss these classic Yale eateries, especially A1 for its late-night food presence. Froco study breaks aside, I’m not sure where I’ll find chocolate chip pancakes past midnight. You will be missed.



Three new additions downtown are already starting to make up for the closings on Broadway, and three more restaurants are set to open in the next few weeks.





Pitaziki is bringing mediterranean food back to Temple Street, replacing Sahara which closed earlier this year. Like Tikkaway, Pitaziki features a fast casual menu with fresh ingredients to top off your pita, wrap, salad bowl, or rice bowl option. We tried the chicken and falafel, which were incredibly flavorful and satisfying. The chicken was fresh off the grill and perfectly seasoned, the perfect addition to a (complimentary) hot pita and hummus.  It seems that Tikkaway’s success was contagious, because Pitaziki already has 27 reviews on Yelp with 4.5 star average rating, and they opened just two months ago. Best of all, they’re open late- til 11 pm weekdays and 2 am on weekends. 



Crepes Choupette

This crepe stand has been posting up outside the YUAG all summer, serving fresh crepes made in minutes that can satisfy any craving. The owner is from France but worked in finance for 8 years before opening his crepe stand, which he says will stay open during the school year. The menu is simple and perfectly crafted, with a handful of savory and sweet crepes to choose from. So far I’ve tried the Choupette, a savory crepe with fig spread, prosciutto, goat cheese, arugula, and honey. He balances the ingredients masterfully, and doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. We’ll be back for more soon, and can’t wait to have this lunch option conveniently located near classes.




A restaurant dedicated to chicken (also known as Lauren’s dream come true) has moved from Bridgeport to a spacious new location below the Green in New Haven. The restaurant offers chicken prepared several different ways — grilled, zesty lemon, spicy cajun, pulled rotisserie, and chicken salad to name a few. We’ll be stopping by for the grand opening on September 15, excited to see what this fast-casual addition to downtown New Haven has to offer.  



This Spanish and Mediterranean restaurant has replaced Ibiza on High Street, brought to you by the same owners and chef as the previous locale. With a full bar and ample seating, Olea will be similar to Ibiza in price and atmosphere, so you’ll probably want to visit when parents are around to foot the bill.


octopus appetizer

We started with the octopus, which was seasoned with classic Spanish smoked paprika and came with a delicious buttery puree. We also sampled the butifarra, a sausage and white bean dish that wasn’t our favorite, but is worth a try. The best appetizer by far were the oxtail mushroom croquettes… it comes with 3 per order, so we suggest you get about 7 orders.

We’ve been hearing sighs of relief from every corner of campus that Ibiza’s legendary scallops have remained on the menu at Olea. You can’t go wrong with these.



 For our entrees, we tried the chicken tagine, the cod, and the bass. All were delicious, fresh, and paired with interesting sauces featuring Mediterranean flavors — this was where we noticed the subtle change between Ibiza and Olea.

chicken tagine

chicken tagine

cod fillet

cod fillet

For dessert, we tried and loved the chocolate mousse, which is typically a crowd-pleaser. Our favorite dessert, however, was a variation on tres leches – a denser version of the original that tasted a bit like french toast. Warm, gooey, and sugary, we’ve been dreaming about it ever since. 

chocolate mouse = 2 die 4

chocolate mousse


Tarry Lodge

A Mario Batali restaurant is expanding to our neighborhood with Tarry Lodge, right next to Box 63. The place is still under construction but will bring an exciting new dining option to the area with tasteful Italian fare, pizzas included. Given the success of the other two Tarry Lodge restaurants in Westport and Port Chester, we can certainly expect this one to be a hit.

See you soon

See you soon



Harvest Wine Bar

Back when we were freshmen, there was a popular trattoria/wine bar next to the Yale Rep called Scoozzi. It closed soon after we arrived to campus, but there’s finally a new restaurant in the works at this prime location. Harvest will feature farm-to-table “New American” cuisine, with some Italian influences throughout. Like Oak Haven, a farm-to-table restaurant in East Rock that we adore, Harvest will also offer small and medium plates that you can mix-and-match to create the perfect meal. 


Although we’ve had to say goodbye to some Yale and New Haven favorites, we see it as part of the circle of restaurant life, and our mouths are already watering at the sight of these new spots.


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