Chew Haven: The Next Generation

We’re just three more girls who like to eat.

It’s September. School is back in session, and so is Chew Haven. Sadly, this year we’re forced to say goodbye to our beloved seniors. Lauren, Annie, and Carolina have graduated and passed the Chew Haven torch to us: just three more girls who like to eat. We are thrilled to be running Chew Haven for the next two years, and have a ton of exciting ideas in store. Interested in finding the best happy hours? Coffee? Food trucks? So are we. But before we kick off this tasty new year, we wanted to introduce ourselves, the next generation of Chew Haven: Olivia, Marisa, and Chelsea.

Olivia is an Economics and French double major from New York City and has joked about being a food critic since she was four years old. She loves French food but her favorite thing to eat is her mother’s Hungarian food.

Marisa is a Global Affairs major from San Francisco and has joked about being a water sommelier since she was eight years old. One time, when she was seven, she ate a whole duck by herself.

Chelsea is an Environmental Studies major from Riverside, Connecticut. She literally lives on the side of a river. She is interested in urban agriculture and finding environmentally sustainable restaurants around New Haven.

So that’s who we are! What about you? What are you interested in seeing from Chew Haven this year? Tweet at us @chewhaven and let us know!


Happy Eating,
Olivia, Marisa, and Chelsea

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