A Guide to Parent’s Weekend

Your parents are on campus and it’s time to finally eat something other than dining hall food. Here is where to go and how to get the most bang for your buck.


Jojo’s:  Mediocre espresso and drip coffee but highly recommend their honey lemon ginger tea. It’s fantastic and a cure-all for any cold. $

Maison Mathis: Half-decent espresso beverages and okay drip coffee in a chic environment but hefty prices to pay for it. $$$

Blue State: By far the best drip coffee and creative, albeit bitter, espresso drinks. $$

Koffee: Only convenient if you are near Silliman or TD but great coffee and a cozy atmosphere for a relaxed morning or afternoon coffee break. $$

G Cafe: Fantastic coffee and espresso drinks, great atmosphere and excellent pastry. Only problem is it’s far away. If you are willing to walk past the Green it’s a must-try. $$


The Pantry: The Pantry’s Cinnamon Roll Pancakes may be one of New Haven’s most instagrammable products. If you are more concerned about your stomach, we would suggest the Eggs Benedict. Less pretty, more tasty. Or, if you’re feeling wild — get both. $

Rudy’s: Fries on Fries on Truffle Fries on Eggs Benedict. Filling and not too far from campus. $$

Heirloom at The Study: Heirloom is always a solid choice. Fresh, local produce with the kind of flax oatmeal that will please your mom. Everything is great but special shout-out to the baked local ricotta appetizer/snack and the buttermilk pancakes. $$$

Cinnamon Roll pancake

Cinnamon Roll Pancake


Atticus: Known as the first book-store café, Atticus is great for a casual bowl of soup, salad or sandwich. The grilled mushroom and cheese sandwich is fantastic. The bookstore part of the café features hilarious cards and excellent books — a perfect place to get a last minute gift. Stay far away from their coffee. $

Louie’s Lunch: Have the first hamburger for the first time. Or maybe the second, or third, or fourth, etc. But hey — maybes it’s your parents first first hamburger. $

BAR Pizza: Mashed potatoes AND bacon on pizza. Need we say more? $$

Rubamba: Located on high street, Rubamba features Latin American cuisine and is an easy spot to check out close to the center of campus. We recommend their arepas and Mexican seviche. As their facebook page says “Keep Calm…and Eat Arepas and Rubamba”. $$

Union League Cafe: Pricey but not as pricey as dinner at Union League. Come for the French food, the drinks, and dessert. $$$$

Tarry Lodge: Mario Batali’s restaurant has quickly become a New Haven staple, perfect for a nice, Italian meal. Excellent pizza, easy to share and delicious fresh pasta dishes. $$$

Caseus: For all of the cheese lovers out there. $$$

Spaghetti with mussels


Prime 16: Great burgers and mood lighting. You could say it’s a prime location for dinner. $$$

Barcelona: Spanish restaurant featuring excellent tapas. Great for sharing and large groups. A classic Parents’ Weekend choice. $$$

Atelier Florian: A new-ish raw bar featuring oysters and a decent array of entrées. The flavors are good, although a new chef just arrived last week so our recs are TBD. $$

L’Orcio: A beautiful, homey Italian restaurant on State St. with beautifully light handmade pastas. Off the beaten path for many Yalies but one of Chew Haven’s favorites. $$$

Tarry Lodge: Great, expansive dinner menu for every Italian-food lover out there. We love their truffle and egg pizza.  $$$

Soul de Cuba: Food good for the soul. Warm rice plates full of aromatic spices. Service can be patchy but the food is so so good. You’re on cuban time here, so get a drink, sit back, and get ready for an amazing meal. $$

Olea: One of the best restaurants in New Haven. A creative tapas-style menu, that also features entrée sized dishes. Their food is high quality, fresh and flavorful and the ambiance is relaxed but classy. $$$
Roia: By far the most beautiful dinner spot in New Haven, located in the expansive lobby of an old hotel with high ceilings and modern decor. The French and Italian inspired menu can be hit or miss but those that work, work exceptionally well and the waiters tend to be very knowledgeable about their dishes. $$$

Funghi pizza at Da Legna

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