Guten tag G Café!

Good, grain, great, ground, gorgeous….what does the G stand for in G Café? It can mean whatever you want it to, said Maria Corina, the General Manager of the Orange Street location of G Café. Initially, it might have stood for German or grain because the café has been so influenced by the German bread making tradition. The Germans, Maria insisted, make the world’s best bread in the world. G Café is a shoot off of the bakery on Hamilton St. started by Andrea Corazzini. His breads were so popular at farmers markets in Connecticut that he created a café to show new and innovative ways to eat these delicious, fresh-baked bread. The philosophy of G Café is that bread should be made simply and paired with food, as you would with wine. Certain grains bring out flavors of certain foods. For example, just as you would drink white wine with fish, fish should be eaten with sweeter breads. A fruity bread cuts the saltiness of the fish. Meats, on the other hand are best paired with heavier, grainier breads like rye.

G Café also focuses on producing entirely natural bread. They are a major proponent of the Sourdough Movement, creating bread with no commercial yeast and a long fermentation time. The bread sits and rises for over 48 hours without yeast before being baked. This type of bread baking that G Café executes excellently produces a bread with a hard, crispy crust and a soft, dense middle.


Everything we ate at G Café highlighted the incredible quality of their breads. Some of our favorite dishes were the Tartines. We tried the smoked salmon tartine which was paired with onions, capers, chive cream cheese and sweet zucchini bread. The sweetness of the bread accentuated the salty flavors in the smoked salmon more so than your typical bagel and lox. The tomato soup was paired with a sourdough roll with a thick crust and dense insides that was perfect for soaking up the hearty soup. Meanwhile the Caprese sandwich used two incredibly light, smooth toasted focaccia breads with a subtle rosemary touch to serve the fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella. The avocado toast featured an egg poached to perfection atop a grainy rye bread, spread with avocado and garnished by strip of bacon –creating an incredible balance of textures and flavors. And was also just outright delicious.



For coffee lovers, G Café imports their espresso straight from Italy and uses a high quality espresso machine to produce excellent espresso drinks. Marina suggested using almond milk in the latte which made the drink naturally sweet and balanced out their intense espresso. Their aromatic espresso drinks can be paired nicely with one of their delightful baked goods. We loved the chocolate nut cookies and the almond croissant. Filled with almond butter and surrounded by a flaky, sweet pastry, this croissant is a must for any coffee date. Combine their incredible foods with their adorable plating most foods are served on wooden boards or on pottery made by the owners wife and you have a dreamy café for bread lovers, or your newest study spot tucked away in downtown New Haven.

All photos by Charlotte Ferenbach


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