Chew Haven: A New Chapter

Chew Haven is back!

It’s September, and we’re experiencing a plethora of changes happening here on campus and in New Haven — none of which include the weather, by the way, as it remains at a spicy summer level — such as the official closing of Commons (but is it Chicken Tenders Day?), the opening of two new residential colleges, as well as the welcoming of new food establishments that have finally opened their doors! It’s a fresh, new year here in New Haven and at Yale, and a new chapter for Chew Haven!

Last Spring, we had to say goodbye to yet another fantastic group of newly-graduated seniors: Olivia, Marisa, and Chelsea, who have nurtured the Chew Haven legacy for the past two years. Now, there are two new women stepping up to the plate; two new women who like to eat. We are absolutely honored to follow in their footsteps, and are super excited to run Chew Haven for the next few years! We’ve been tossing around some new ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. Are you prepared for the insane amount of New Haven foodie knowledge we’re about to share this year? We’re more than ready.

However, before we can get there, we’ll need to start by introducing ourselves!

Alexus is a sophomore English and African-American Studies double major from Naugatuck, Connecticut. She loves to eat and lives for the “itis” (aka that strong sleepy feeling) after a delicious and hearty meal. She loves potatoes of all kinds (in particular, though, oven fries are her forte) and appreciates living in a city so close to home (and her heart) with an abundance of pride, culture, and diversity.

Mary Claire is a Junior majoring in Ethnicity, Race, & Migration, with a concentration in food systems. She grew up in Connecticut on a steady diet of Pepe’s pizza, Long Wharf tacos, and lobster rolls from Milford’s clam shacks, but these days calls Boston home. MC loves to work on farms and to ferment things (ask her about the ten-pound jar of kimchi currently in her kitchen). She is interested in food because of the power and joy that feeding each other can bring– its ability to build community, subvert hierarchy, and celebrate our interdependence in the most delicious way.

That’s us! What about you? What are you interested in seeing from Chew Haven this year? Tweet at us @chewhaven and let us know! Follow us on this ultimate foodie journey and add us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Until next time,
Mary Claire and Alexus


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